Swinging to a neighborhood near you to make your next event epic 

Spider Hero on the streets
Spider Hero is ready to swing by for a super surprise for your little hero

What to expect when you hire Spider Hero for a party

Friendly Spider Hero will show off his skillful moves to capture guests attention, which will transition into a game of “Spidey Says” so that everyone can learn how to join the fight against evil. The fun continues with more games and interactive activities.

We also bring our own rolling sound system and will play superhero music during your epic visit to enhance your party experience.

Towards the end of the party, the hero comes with his own hand-made scrapbook full of newspaper clippings of his adventures with an inspirational story to read to the children.

Spider Hero themed party

Who plays Spider Hero?

Spider Hero previously worked as a Party Attendant at Pump It Up in Belmont, CA and as a Camp Counselor at Copper Creek Summer Camp.

How do I book? Or have questions answered

If you decide that Reverie and Revel would make your party dreams come true with Spider Hero, please visit our contact page and complete the booking form.


DISCLAIMER: Reverie and Revel are in no way affiliated with or associated with the Walt Disney Company or any other TV, film or entertainment company. All characters are inspired by a variety of works and ideas. Costumes are generic, homemade tribute costumes. No copyright violations are intended through these characters or performances. We do not claim to be any original TV or film character, only lookalikes. We do not sell to third parties or provide any official merchandise or official costumes.

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