How Reverie and Revel came about

Once upon a time, there was a little girl that loved magical experiences like music, movies, and theme parks. She wanted to learn how to make these experiences for herself and her loved ones to make them just as happy as they had made her.

She began in the kitchen when she was eight to make a themed night of Mexican food and created a homeade pinata made out of a paper bag. (Yes you read that right, a paper bag sized pinata decorated with perforated colorful tissue paper.)

Since then, she has been working to improve her event planning and execution skills throughout middle and high school, (which was not hard to do) through themed dinners and games with her family.

Along with her love and learnings of cooking so did her love and training of music. She realized that all the senses, particularly sound, played an integral part to enchanting experiences.

She then went on to major in music in college, where she organized her first fundraisers for student music and theatre organizations. After graduation, she worked within the Alumni Department of her alma mater to engage young alumni across the country with fun events.

During college and after graduation, she has worked with three symphonies to fundraise, market and produce events that make people happy, fulfilling just what she’s always wanted to do since she was a little girl.

Reverie and Revel was created by this girl, who is not so little anymore, to help as many people have magical experiences as possible – no matter where they are, what little event planning experience they have, and what little resources they have because everyone deserves to have a little magic in their lives.

So that we may all have a happy ending.

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